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Dream manipulation is the ability to manipulate the dreams of others.


  • Sanjog Iyer is the only character known to have this ability.


The operation of Sanjog's power is not well known, although he has stated that those with questions come to him.

Sanjog appears to be able to intrude into the dreams of only people who are already asleep.

There may be a clairvoyant aspect to the images Sanjog creates, since the image he summoned of the murder of Chandra Suresh contains details of events that neither he nor the dreamer -- Mohinder Suresh -- actually witnessed. He also helped Piper to remember her past which was supposedly erased by the Haitian.

Judging from how he entered Abu Aswan's dream, geographic location does not limit this ability since Sanjob is in India and Abu is in Egypt. Dream manipulation can also display events which occurred long before an individuals lifetime as both Abu and Sanjog are in the present day and Khufu is in the past, over four millennia ago

When he enters Piper's dream, he hands her her glasses. It is interesting to note that before Piper dreams, she is not wearing any glasses, however, when she wakes up from the dream, she is wearing the pair of glasses that Sanjog hands her.